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Some offices at Arthur D. Little offer the opportunity for individuals to obtain an additional degree and pursue further education.

To reach the next career level at Arthur D. Little, you have to show that you use your resourcefulness and creative solutions not only to meet the demands of our clients, but also to consistently exceed them. Therefore, you don't need a Ph.D. or MBA for an impressive career at Arthur D. Little. However, these kinds of achievements can not only broaden your horizons, but also impact your personality and therefore enrich you in your daily work. For this reason, some offices at Arthur D. Little offers those employees who have produced impressive performances the opportunity to obtain a second degree.  

In addition to the full-time MBA or Ph.D., some Arthur D. Little offices also sponsors Executive MBA programs. No matter which program or topic you choose, you have our full support. We are also available to you during any necessary "study leave" absences, and you have access to all of our IT and telecommunications media. 

After you successfully complete your degree, we look forward to welcoming you back into the ADL family full-time so that you can use your new know-how to support your clients. 

Full-time MBA

An MBA program is an excellent opportunity to deepen and reinforce your previous academic achievements and the experiences gained at Arthur D. Little. For a full-time MBA program. At the markets discretion, we could exempt you from consulting work for one and a half to two years and also cover your tuition fees.

Executive MBA

Arthur D. Little may also support the Executive MBA track that you can take parallel to your work as a consultant. In this case, the focus is on learning leadership skills that are essential for success in a managerial position. Furthermore, you profit from the personal experiences of your classmates and become part of an excellent network.
An Executive MBA is intended for employees who have reached the level of consultant or above. Arthur D. Little’s financial support depends on the time and effort that the program requires of you, and generally covers 80 to 100% of your regular salary, at the markets discretion.


Should you decide to aim for a Ph.D., Arthur D. Little may be able to support you. The beginning of the program is flexible and, just as with the MBA, our financial support depends on the level of effort you are able to put into your consulting work in addition to working on your Ph.D. If applicable, Arthur D. Little also covers the tuition fees, depending on the specific university you attend.


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