Arthur D. Little works with leading OEMs (passenger-car as well as commercial-vehicle manufacturers) and suppliers in all major automotive markets. Following the development and change in the automotive industry we also count mobility providers among our clients.




We have a set of offerings structured in different competence centers to ideally meet the challenges our clients are coping with, and to develop optimal solutions to bring them forward.


Competition & Regulation

The agendas of CEOs are increasingly addressing new competition and regulatory topics. Arthur D. Little has demonstrated a unique approach in building highly relevant CEO-level content in order to address the most controversial regulation and competition policy issues.

These are both external and internal (changes in competitive structure and stakeholders arena), and require coordination to avoid unproductive bottlenecks.



We offer a proven cross-industry methodology on cross-country regulatory analysis and comparison, combined with a holistic understanding of competitive issues.

The regulatory agenda is a new tool for steering the relevant activities, and with our communication style we foster collaboration and avoid the risk of unintended confrontations.

New Mobility Services

The automotive industry urgently needs to transform from supplying hardware to offering services, as on top of the vehicle business, new business models and services are evolving towards a new, integrated ecosystem.

Arthur D. Little facilitates and accelerates extension of classical services and creation of new service types.


Key questions when developing new mobility services include:

  • What services to offer?
  • How much revenue will it bring?
  • How to make it happen in a profitable way?
  • Who can be partner, and who are competitors?


For each of these we have developed a proven set of solutions and approaches to find the optimal answers for our clients.

One of our assets is combining our unique in-depth automotive expertise with the relevant stakeholders in all functions, such as connected car, mobility, smart cities, logistics, software and information systems, and digitization.

Technology & Future Products

Arthur D. Little helps automotive OEMs and suppliers to create unique technology and product strategies in the industry. We are best positioned to help you in situations when you need a partner that combines deep and broad technology/market insight with internal/external transformation experience.


Technology-based innovation is the DNA of Arthur D. Little. We not only provide automotive technology roadmaps, but also include the possibility of disruptive innovation initiated through other industries globally by leveraging our global reach, contact network and research capability to integrate fragmented global markets.

In a side-by-side approach we enable the creation of a unique client’s vision of technology and future products based both on global technology/market intelligence and the client’s innovation platform.


By leveraging our process and industry know-how we support business-model transformation and, to accelerate this transformation, can additionally offer strategic partnering opportunities based on our global client network.

To successfully implement business-model reformation we support the holistic transformation of the internal organization and business processes. 

Marketing & Sales Excellence

Arthur D. Little supports automotive OEMs and suppliers in improving economic profits, capturing more value from clients, and increasing sales effectiveness. We are best positioned to transform customer insight and observation into business actions combined with deep industry knowledge.

With our solutions and approaches we provide answers to questions such as: 

  • Where to find more revenues in mature markets? 
  • What are the levers to uplift operating profits?
  • How can I improve the control of sales channels?
  • How can I get a retail network efficient and profitable?

After Sales Excellence

After sales is a major source of profitability, but it is complex, as it combines technical-, customer- and dealer-related elements. Arthur D. Little has long and broad experience in supporting after sales topics on the top management agenda, such as: 

Digital after sales
We offer customers a consistent after sales journey and connecting promises, integrating digital channels & digital touch points at retailers. The provision of business and customer intelligence is a baseline to this.

TCO & profitability
Optimizing the parts business is a major lever for OEMs’ profitability,  and the pricing of parts and services plays a major role. We enable our clients to define their market strategies with optimized profitability levers, enabling high customer retention rates.

Future of diagnosis
Flashing over the air or online diagnoses bring opportunities to differentiate from competitors. Application use cases enable identification of potential high-profit suppliers. 

New business models
Remanufacturing, second brand, services and data – what is the successful field of play? We support concept development and implementation.

Transaction Services

Arthur D. Little helps OEMs, suppliers and investors create value from M&A in the automotive industry. Arthur D. Little is best positioned to help you in situations where you need a partner that combines deep industry insight with transaction-process experience.

In all phases of transactions our clients can expect our unique expertise and proven track record.





Automotive Suppliers

The megatrends electric mobility, shared cars and autonomous driving are reshaping the automotive ecosystem. New business models and technologies have begun to shape new roles in the supplier pyramid.



The automotive pyramid concept of the future



Success drivers for all players are changing. While business models are put to the test, suppliers’ CxOs around the globe are unclear on future propositions, products and required capabilities. Where to set investment priorities and how to raise the required transformation funds become critical.


Our Global Competence Center for Automotive Suppliers helps suppliers actively driving the automotive ecosystem. Our core services include:

Understanding automotive scenarios and translating them into robust strategies and business models for growth, i.e.,

  • Scenario-based strategy and profit risk mitigation
  • Breakthrough innovation for growth

Building the required portfolio of products, services and capabilities to actively shape the supplier segment, i.e.,

  • Product-portfolio alignment and transformation
  • Buy-and-build strategies and inorganic development

Navigating business transformation through the changing ecosystem while further improving performance, i.e.,

  • R&D returns boost and OPEX reduction
  • Performance acceleration through I4.0 applications
  • Digitalization of the operating model